Search Engine Optimization is an application which is used to optimised the websites, webpages,  webpages contents, images used in websites etc according to the search engines ( Google, Bing, Ask etc ). Our SEO Course Rohini Delhi helps in improving websites performance and ranking in search engines.

It is a part of Inbound Marketing which is used for generating huge organic traffic. With its help, user have information about the websites and webpages across the internet. 

SEO have various resources or algorithms ( by Google) by which a website optimized for search engines in terms of ranking, backlink, content etc. We discuss such two methods in SEO:

1- On-Page

2. Off-Page

We are going to cover following modules unfer SEO:


Module 1 – Introduction to Digital Marketing : Learn various trends in Digital Marketing and its tools and its tactics.

Module 2 – Website Creation using WordPress : Learn about types of websites, their key components and content in website on WordPress for hands on training.

Module 3 – Keyword Reserch: Learn how Search engines work and how you should optimize your websites for Search engines. You will also learn about different types of keywords and tools required to find these keywords.

Module 4 – On-Page Optimization : Learn how to do On page Optimization for website and elements like Header Tags, Keyword Selection, optimising snnipet etc to advanced levels.

Module 5 – Off-Page Optimization : Learn how to build right backlinks and how to improve your website authority.

Module 6 – Measuring your SEO Strategy 




On-Page SEO is a process of optimizing websites or webpages in order to rank higher and gain more traffic in search engines. All aspects of the webpage are taken into accounts by it, that when add together, will improve your rankings in the search results.

On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as compared to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals. To boost traffic and a rise in your search presence following categories must be conducted.

  • seo-off-page
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